Tanzania Safari Holidays

The Sights of Tanzanian Safari . Safari holidays have become an extremely popular and affordable option with many travellers. Tanzania is the perfect spot to take a safari holiday; with some of the most spectacular natural reserves in the world, including the famous Serengeti, and over 400 miles of national park trails.

Tanzanian Safari

Traditionally, safaris have always been seen as a way to see wildlife in a protected environment. With Tanzania being home to over 70 bird species, the abundance of natural reserves and parks means there is a large array of wildlife to be seen here.

The rise of wildlife holidays in Tanzania has seen a dramatic increase in the number of travellers taking opportunity of Tanzania’s natural abundance of wildlife. Tanzania’s natural reserves and parks provide the perfect habitat for much of our planet’s wildlife and no holiday here would be complete without exploring at least one of the reserves.

The Serengeti Safari

We take a flight from Nairobi to Tanzania via Dubai. Within forty minutes of leaving Nairobi, our ship crosses over the 24 km famous Serengeti River. The Serengeti is recognized as one of the World’s most important wetlands and the rafting trip across it is a sight that will not be forgotten.

Our ship is amongst the very few that cross the river every day; a rare privilege considering the area was designated for wildlife and!! There is an incredible array of flora and fauna here, including the famous African wild dog. African wild dog territory is vast and they thrive in the unfamiliar territory surrounding the Serengeti. The well-camouflaged dogs live in herds ranging from the 16 km known Leopard Reserve to the 250 – 330 km Great Migration Area which includes the renowned Masai Mara Reserve.

The Masai Mara Reserve is the heart of the Serengeti, all of the animals migrate to the Mara in August as they follow the food and water source back to their birth place. The migration is a sight to behold and the return of wild prom thousands of years ago witnessing the rebirth of the wild landscape, alive with the ancient Egyptians.

The Serengeti may be the well-known home to all of Africa’s grand cats, but the lion, leopard and cheetah reign supreme. Your Serengeti Safari Tour is an opportunity to see these beautiful wild animals in their natural habitat andabl rainforests covering over 99% of the area. Lion, leopard and cheetah never lose their accent on the beauty of the reserve and on the amazing migration, they seem to know it.

The Ngorongoro Crater lies within the Wanoza National Park, it’s an extraordinary place of Associational significance. The Ngorongoro was discovered by an amateur explorer in 1950 who was trying to photograph the many leopards. There are now good hotels, camping and guides in place so you can experience this fabulous place in safety.

Within the depths of the crater, you will find pools of hot water that steadily cooled and became Fountain lakes. These can be seen from above as the grey ospreys search the waters for food. Streams of fresh and salt water continue to flow from the crater rim down to the floor, this natural wonder is a spectacular site and only the naturalists who truly experience it will be able to see the true beauty of the place.

Tourist interest in this area has grown in recent years but it is still regarded as a Pre-Tourism area in Tanzania. The main attraction in the area is the fresh water Lake Manyara and the surrounding Mountains and Bushbys. The floor of the lake is rich in volcanic soil and hosts unique flora and fauna unlike anything on the surface.

Lake Manyara is unique in that it contains rock pools and lakes that were created by lava. The nature of these lakes means that they are always very clean and free of debris. Surrounding the lake is an incredible landscape of mountains and crater lake. In the crater lake you can find huge black pools and geysers, the most recent eruptions have created an intricate network of craters and waterfalls.

The Ngorongoro Crater is the largest of its type in the world, it measured – when discovered in 1950 – to be ten miles long, five miles wide, and ten feet deep, it’s now known to be over 1000 yards in diameter.

Just next door to the crater lake, lies another famous tourist attraction, Elephant Coast National Park. This vast wetland has a dense rainforest, hundreds of bird species and teeming marine life. From the highland pastures to the Kalahari Desert, nothing seems to dampen its beauty.

If you decide on a Tanzania safari, it’s not just the safari itself you’ll love, it’s the hotels and resorts to which you can access the outdoors.

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